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I have always been dreaded by verbal section of the GMAT as most other non-native speakers do. To begin with my preparation I took an official GMAT PREP mock and ended up with V23. I knew this would happen as verbal has been my weak area. I started my preparation by going through MGMAT Strategy guides and after going through all the guides I knew all the rules and have memorized them. I thought I was all ready and gave the second MOCK and scored V22. I was devastated and felt that I am never going to crack verbal and left the hope of achieving a 700 score.

However, I came across GMAT club forum then and I found many positive reviews about e-GMATs course. I was initially skeptical about the reviews and thought its not going to help me anyways and I will just be losing some amount of money buying the course.

However, I thought I will give it a try and that's the best thing that I did as part of my preparation. Although, the MGMAT guides also covered most of the things, going through the e-GMAT content was very easy. The terminology used is plain and simple.

I would specially like to emphasize on SC, the meaning approach has changed the way I choose an answer and how non-underlined portion also plays an important role in determining the answer. I learned that its mandatory to read the entire SC sentence irrespective of the underlined section to be able to comprehend and answer the questions correctly. Especially the modifiers section of SC have been explained in great detail which was very tough for me initially.

CR Pre-thinking has similarly played an amazing role in being able to select answers without any ambiguity.
The RC 7 strategies when applied have given great results.

All in all I would say anyone who is facing issues tackling verbal can undoubtedly take up e-GMAT course and if you follow the approach taught by them, you can see a drastic improvement in your verbal score.

I am going to take my GMAT on FEB 10 and am happy that I took the e-GMAT course and would love to share my success story after I crack the GMAT.

Happy Learning and All the Best!!

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