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I paid over $1,500 for GMAT prep with Veritas Prep in San Diego and my GMAT score did not improve at all after two attempts which almost made me give up on my MBA ambition. I scored well below 600 (quant + verbal) after attending all classes with Veritas Prep which was a huge disappointment and embarrassment after all the materials I went through. I needed a new direction on how to nail the GMAT and get into a good business school.
My dear friend Raj referred me to e-GMAT and after attending some of the free webinars led by Rajat Sadana, I became very pleased, re-energized and was ready to study again for my GMAT to revive my MBA ambition again. Thanks to Raj as I have registered with e-GMAT and studying for the GMAT exams at a cost far less than Veritas Prep and other Institutions but gained more confidence and accuracy in answering level 700 questions.
Personally, e-GMAT has provided me the fundamental concepts I have been looking for through thoroughly prepared online videos covering both verbal (SC, CR and RC) and quant (Geometry, Number Properties, Algebra and Advance word problems) sections of the GMAT. The most important of all is the numerous quizzes and drills I take after learning the fundamental concepts of each section with I never had through Veritas Prep. This has increased my confidence in answering most of quant and verbal questions, accuracy and speed as well.
I can confidently pre-think assumptions very quickly and logically to answer critical reasoning questions with confidence and ease which I used to struggle with and now a non-issue for me.
Through the online videos and the weekend live sessions, I have seen my quant and verbal scores improved drastically and I am hoping to have a 720+ score on the real test as the preparation I have achieved through e-GMAT has equipped me with the tools and skillset needed to ace the real exams.
Thank you e-GMAT for all the efforts in putting together such efficient, wonderful, informational and educational online videos for all underlying GMAT concepts covering both the verbal and quant sections of the GMAT. Additionally, I love the weekend live sessions that empowers interactions from all students across the globe to solve questions. On a scale from 1-10, my score rating for e-GMAT is 10/10 and my favorite instructor is Payal Tandon but admire all the instructors for their hard-work and dedication in helping students improve their respective GMAT scores and getting into competitive business schools globally.
I hope my personal statement will motivate or encourage some of you out there who have lost hope in getting better GMAT scores. Please go e-GMAT and it will not disappoint you but will rather help you get better GMAT scores and getting into your dream business school.

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