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non-native speaker? - eGMAT makes your weakness, your strength


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I am a non-native speaker and frankly speaking I was terrified about the verbal section of GMAT when I started prep for the first time. Moreover, I am not an avid reader of books or magazines which adds up to it. I actually found about eGMAT through an advertisement on facebook, for a free webminar on a quant topic. When I took the webminar the next hour I decided to go with eGMAT for my prep although I knew nothing about the verbal course. However, I unknowingly made the right decision or rather the best decision by purchasing the entire course and not just quant online.
eGMAT verbal online is THE BEST resource anyone can ever get for his/her GMAT prep. The course has not only helped me in acing the GMAT but also helped me in improving my writing skills and comprehending skills. The eGMAT courses doesn't teach you tips, tricks or shortcuts. Concept, concept and concept is all that matters. When you know the core of the concept and can understand what the test maker is trying to examine you in, getting a good verbal score is a piece of cake and eGMAT helps you in going to that level.
Weirdly, while going through the eGMAT verbal course I never felt like I am learning something extraordinary or something out of the box. The instructors make tough things look so simple that when you answer 700+ level questions you still donot feel that you ate answering a high level question. This helped me a lot in building up my confidence.
The primary concepts such as prethinking, etc. which are mastered through the eGMAT course are the key for a good verbal score. I can go on and on about my experience with the course and the words won't be enough. You'll have to experience it yourself and trust me this would be one decision you'd never regret in your lifetime.

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