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GMAT exam is more than mere an exam and it requires a special kind of preparation. I am using this Special Preparation term because it demands some extra efforts to build concepts and apply those concepts within short time span. I became worried to even think about this exam in past and the reason behind worrisome was my Verbal skills. However, I mustered up courage after talking to my friend who recently scored 710. He suggested me to subscribe e-GMAT Verbal Online course at first instance and start preparation to master some key skills to ace verbal part of GMAT.

There are many important features of e-GMAT which I liked a lot.
SC: I think Sentence Correction is the most premier section of e-GMAT verbal online course. The interactive video lessons are fun to watch. It helps to build up concepts from very basic level and to apply those learned concepts in post assessment Quizzes. After each module, application of concepts to OG questions boosts the confidence level. This is highly recommended part of this course
CR: I like this part for two reasons. Firstly, Its pre- thinking approach helps to imagine correct answer before looking at answer choices. Once you grasp this technique, It becomes your second nature to assume answers and relate those answers with given answer choices. Elimination of wrong answers become very easy task after this. Secondly, Content of lessons is very much diverse which helps to understand the different types of topics presented in GMAT test .

RC: I can not be more thankful to e-GMAT team after going through this section. Reading strategies are the most important aspect. These strategies helps to get immersed into different topics and understand the key insights and details in simplest form. This has improved my reading ability to next level and i started 700 level questions with much ease as compared before.

I believe this was the wisest decision to subscribe for e-GMAT verbal course. I learned concepts which are now helping me in my daily life as well. It has improved many skills such as comprehension, evaluation of different scenarios, reasoning critically.

I am thankful to e-GMAT team who come up with such amazing concept of interactive learning. I recommend this to everyone who wants to improve verbal skills exponentially within short span of time. Good luck to everyone.

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