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From V36 to V42 – e-gmat Verbal Online Prep


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I had already given my GMAT once already. However, I knew that there is still a lot to improve and especially I could improve my verbal score a lot. So I again started going through the verbal scholaranium and I resolved the solved questions again.
This time I changed my approach towards each question and focused on every aspect of a choice. I started pointing out a lot of problems with every choice. Next step was to give a lot of tests, which I had missed doing in my first attempt. I gave one sectional test every alternate day and full test every 4th day. Things took time to improve. Initially I was not improving and my approach was same as the last one. So Finally with practice and time, I started improving. My scores started increasing and I reached the verbal score of 42.
None of this could have been possible without the brilliantly designed course - e-gmat Verbal Online Prep. I would recommend this course to every non-native speaker. You cannot get a better service at this price.

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