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I began my preparation for GMAT in October 2017 based on very limited research about the various resources available online. I bought only the Manhattan book series and OG-2017. To begin with, Quant was never an issue. In the initial mock tests, I was reaching 48-49 (without any preparation). However, Verbal was an issue and I scored only a 32 (without any prep). I realised my focus should be more on the Verbal section where I could increase my overall test score in a greater proportion than Quant. My target was at least Q50/V43 (around 760).

After spending 2 months with the Manhattan series and solving all OG questions, I could see only a slight improvement in my results. I wasn't very happy with my scores (700 Q49 V35). Due to hectic work schedules, I could not concentrate on my preparation. I needed help in Verbal as I was not able to breach the score V35. Quant was okay as I was regularly able to touch Q50.

After attending a couple of free webinars conducted by Rajat Sadana and Payal Tandon, I decided to opt for a trail version of e-GMAT course. My first impression navigating the course screens was - extremely user friendly clearly demonstrating a keen investment in technology and graphics. I decided to give e-GMAT a shot (GMAT online course - Verbal + Quant).

And, the course was above my expectations.

The things that I liked the most:
1. One of the most user-friendly interface. After working for 10 hours in a day, the last thing that I expect to see in a course is the difficult to navigate screens and boring graphics. e-GMAT did a great job to make the course interesting. In fact I used to look forward to spend 2 hours
2. Concept clarity: e-GMAT have clearly invested a significant amount of time in preparation of their course materials. Each topic covered has been explained in great detail and in a systematic way with a lot of easy-to-understand examples.
3. Question bank: e-GMAT have also developed a large question bank called Scholaranium which thoroughly prepares a candidate for questions of all levels.
4. Responses to queries: I was impressed by the by the team have answered to not only my queries but also the queries of other students. These responses have been posted in a systematic manner, helping other students to prepare through the questions of some one else.

I think the course could improve on:
The difficulty levels of Scholaranium should be more in line with the actual exam. I feel that there are significantly difficult questions tested in Scholaranium in comparison to the questions asked in actual GMAT exam. The higher difficultly levels mis-guides the candidates in wrongly assessing their weak/strong areas. I believe if the questions are tagged as 750+, 700+, 650+, 600+ questions, it would prepare the students even better.

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