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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I prepared for GMAT with E-GMAT verbal online course. From my point of view, Course was useful in terms of learning.

My main focus was to improve upon my SC. I completed the Verbal online SC part and found it useful. Their method of understanding the meaning and then solving the Question helped a lot both in SC and RC. At few points, few of their solutions to the questions on their question pages did not satisfy me at all. Solutions were not properly written (My opinion) Or maybe I couldn't understand them better. They need to work a bit on their responses of queries.

Their RC part is well structured and defined. But mostly it depends on how you like to learn or read, so for me, it was a bit boring. Their segregation of the questions type is good and this helps you at initial phase when you are trying to understand the questions and how to go about it.

CR section is also well though. E-gmat focuses, a bit, heavily on Negation method and it depends on person to person if they like it or not. Personally, I found it a bit more time-consuming but again personal choice. This is where it gets tricky because Critical Reasoning is understanding and different people have different thinking style, I found E-Gmat CR solutions not upto the mark. There were so many uncleared doubt and slow response made it a bit difficult.

So in my opinion.
Scholoranium: Well this is the best tool to understand your preparation level and improvement areas. I highl recommend this.

SC: a big YES !!
CR: learn from E-gmat and develop the solution strategy which you like best. E-gmat will be useful. (AV makes learning easy)
RC: Not sure about this.
Scholoranium: After SC course this is the best part about E-gmat. They have worked hard to make it good and they did.

Btw: I am a non-Native speaker from India who completed his education till 12th (XII) from Hindi medium Govt. school in a small town. I had V28 before E-gmat verbal course and V35 after, so for me it worked and I only study using E-gmat for about 2 months. If I have used it more I could have Improved on My Verbal.

I like E-gmat Course beacuase AV methode made it more fun for me (just like attending English classes at School) :D


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