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When I first started my GMAT prep a few years ago, I din’t do much research and joined one of the Branded GMAT coaching centers, which only taught the RULES to follow to get an answer correct. I diligently followed their course work and gave my first GMAT and it turned out to be THE BIGGEST DISASTER.
I took a break for a while and then resumed my preparation on my own with the help of GMAT Club, yet I dint see much improvement in my scores and learnings. I then met a buddy in one of the Gmat club's Study Buddy Groups, many thanks to him. This friend told me about E-GMAT, I attended one of its webinars and immediately enrolled with it.
I love the methodical structure and the logical approach of E-GMAT’s material. The explanation of every question is very detailed and lucid.
Verbal – The entire course is programmed in such a way that a beginner can start from basics and end up solving the most difficult question that GMAT can throw at us. The beauty of the course lies in the APPLICATION FILES, PRACTICE FILES, OG FILES, and the files’ explanations. These files have 650-750 level questions and push us to solve every question applying the 3-step Analysis with more ease and diligence.
The 3-Step analysis for CR, RC and SC amazingly worked for me. This approach forces us to stick to the process and which in turn lets us to answer the question correctly and confidently. On the other hand, SCHOLARAIUM is another major platform, which helps in honing our skills.
I would definitely recommend E-GMAT Course.

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