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e-gmats verbal online is very useful


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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As I was pretty used to feeling verbal questions out by ear, my basics were very muddy. This course really helped me strengthen my fundamentals and introduced methods of action that consistently provided better results. It also helped immensely with critical reasoning and reading comprehension with appropriate strategies. Due to their emphasis on reaching the correct answer as opposed to the fast answer, you are almost guaranteed to improve your accuracy. Although e-GMAT advocates learning questions thoroughly even if you learn only some questions, eGMAT does have a huge number of practice questions which you can practice on to improve your takt time. Having a repository of knowledge was also good for revision and referencing strategy. Although this is an honest review, for transparency's sake I'll have to let you know that e-GMAT has offered me an mba applications guide book in return for a review,

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