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e-GMAT Verbal - A Fresh Approach to Solve GMAT Verbal


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I have been using this course for about 3 months now.
Started with RC, then CR then SC. Will start off with RC.

e GMAT's RC: It redefines the way you look at RCs, ranging from How to Read & Comprehend faster to Pre-Thinking the next line. e GMAT divided this portion on the basis of question type namely Main Point, Inference, Detail etc. and provides the correct way to approach each problem.

e GMAT's CR: This part will fine tune your pre existing concepts of Premise, Conclusion, Counter Premise etc. Every type of problem will be solved basis e GMAT's approach. Best parts were Assumption & Bold Faced.

e GMAT's SC: One word - Modifiers ! Want to solve every question on Modifiers, then Go to e GMAT's Verbal.
Parallelism & Comparison parts of course can be improved a little.

At last I recommend e GMAT's Verbal Course definitely to those who already at some level & want to improve their score further !

Fingers crossed for my next GMAT...

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