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September 13 | 2013
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With a laptop, tablet or a smartphone and with Internet access, I can enjoy learning with GMAT Tutor wherever and whenever. Plus, there is no need to carry tons of books or materials around. It is very easy to get used to the system as well. What a convenience!

GMAT Tutor saved me a lot of time in understanding what the GMAT is about. GMAT Tutor also warned me of the tricks GMAT often plays, especially in ''SC'' parts. With limited time to study everyday, I found GMAT Tutor is a very useful tool to help me learn about and prepare for the GMAT effectively. After several months learning with GMAT Tutor, I made an improvement from 590 to 650. Undoubtedly, the progress was ascribed to GMAT Tutor.

Besides, I'm so thankful to Isaac, the academic director who always did everything he could to meet my demand and responded to my questions as soon as he could.

From my point of view, GMAT Tutor is more than a system, a business or a tutor. It cares about my scores and about how to do its best to help me attain my goal, bringing me closer to my dream b-school. I really appreciate it!

To beat the GMAT, GMAT Tutor is the best solution!

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