September 26, 2013

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60 point increase in 3 weeks!


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Course Economist GMAT Tutor Complete Prep

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I cannot say enough about how great this tool was for my quant prep. But before I delve into that, let me just say now that I didn't do any of the verbal prep. My verbal score was already in the 45 - 46 range and I didn't feel I needed improvement there.

I had been casually studying for the GMAT since about mid-June focusing only on Quant. After 5 practice tests I saw 0 increase in my score (I scored 40 three times and 41 twice). I finally realized I needed help in this section, but personal tutors were too expensive and the other courses offered (through Kaplan etc.) would not let me go at my own pace/focus only on quant. So I finally signed up for the one week free trial. After a week, I was already seeing results, so I signed up for the full package. I only had 2 weeks left until test day, and in the end I managed to do about 65% of the quant material. I ended up writing the test 3 weeks after starting with the Economist and, after not sleeping the night before, I managed to get a 760, with a 49 in quant.

It was a great tool that allowed me to study on my own schedule (you can set lesson times as short as 5 minutes) and, with the mobile app, it was even more flexible. I loved the interface and the artificial intelligence which tailored the program to your needs. I also made use of the essay feedback option, and it was certainly very useful to have an actual person review my essay and give me written feedback!

The only con I could possibly think of is that you don't have access to "later" material earlier in the course. For example, I wanted to review the IR material, but couldn't get to it without completing the math sections that came before it. But if you have more time than I did, I'm sure you'll have time to be able to complete 100% of the material and this shouldn't be a problem!

I cannot recommend this program highly enough. It's a great way to learn (I find it a happy medium between a class and self guided study with books) and the team at the Economist is very responsive and helpful!

Sign up for the free trial! I invested about 10 hours in that first week and got a really good sense of how useful it would be for me. You have nothing to lose.

January 09, 2015

Tanyasteyn, thank you for this review, i was wondering if i am the only person who is finding this program useful. Im in my trail period and have been wondering if I should invest in the full plan.
To see that you have gained positive result is such a motivating factor.
Congrats on your high score.

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