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Course Economist GMAT Tutor Complete Prep

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I started out with the free trial of the Economist GMAT tutor initially after my first attempt at the GMAT(680), Using it for the 7-day period, I found it extremely comprehensive, versatile and easy to use. Starting from the very basics, it builds up your fundamentals in a very structured manner.


As someone who has always had a bit of a hard time with grammar rules, I found the formulaic reinforcement of stop signs and subsequent practice with questions to reinforce the learning sessions has been very helpful.


The techniques used for teaching the basics in quants are quite helpful as well. Mostly because of how the data is arranged and the question becomes easier to understand and analyze.

Other useful features:

The 'how much time do you think you took' feature is quite nifty. It helps us analyze our internal clock and how much time we think we're spending on questions. I found it particularly useful for me.

I'd say of all the resources I have tried out for GMAT Prep., I've found the Economist GMAT tutor to be the most comprehensive one. The simulation tests are a pretty accurate measure of your skill. The ability to ask questions and write to instructors about doubts has been quite helpful as well. I've even gotten some good feedback on my essays for the AWA section. The best part for me has been working with tutors on Skype sessions for the weaker sections of my preparation, it has been very helpful.

I definitely recommend taking up this tool to prep for the GMAT. Just the economist tutor and the Official GMAT Prep guide and Application have been sufficient for my prep so far.

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