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November 29 | 2013
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I enrolled myself in the Economist GMAT Tutor specially to improve my verbal score. Being a non native english speaker I needed a course that will start from the basic and take me to advanced level and Economist GMAT Tutor exactly did that. I am so thankful to it for this.

Its very interactive and guides you to pick the correct answers. There are numerous innovative training process in Economist GMAT Tutor like

1. Prompts to provide the reason when selected a wrong answer.
2. Develops a sense of time on how much we take for solving a problem
3. Clearly explains every options why its wrong or why its correct.
4. Forces us to think and then answer and not just guess the answer.
5. In quant section it solves every problem providing a guide as to how to do it
6. In quant the section of POE (estimating) an answer is particularly well made.
7. The support from the tutors when asked a question is really prompt, and well answered
8. With an AI based interactive judment it slowly raises the level of questions when I started answering the correct questions. It really helped.

With all these I am happy to have enrolled in this and particularly impressed with the verbal section and would highly recommend it to any one looking to improve verbal score. The quant section is equally good but for me the verbal section stands out.

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