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January 17 | 2014
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So far, I have been quite happy in my experience with the economist GMAT Prep.

Full disclosure: I just took the test for the first time after using the Economist Prep course for about a month. I was not satisfied with my score and plan to take it again after competing the full Economist Prep course.

- The course leads the way for you and it feels like you are having an interactive session.
- You can choose the length of the lessons based on how much time you have.
-It really does feel like the course has been specifically tailored to your individual learning style.
-Breaks data sufficiency down in a way that understandable to everyone.

-If by the time you take the test, you haven't hit on certain sections of the material, you really can't skip ahead for a brief overview of things you know are going to be on the GMAT. I understand the reason behind this, but it still a slight hindrance not to be able to get to the topics you want in time for your test.

Overall I really value this course. It works for me and my learning style. It's important to note though that if you don't have a full 3 months to devote to GMAT study, you will not get through all the course material. As I said, I'm also not happy with my score yet but I don't really hold the Economist responsible for that.

I will provide further feedback after I take the test again and complete the full course.

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