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November 21 | 2016
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I used the GMAT tutor for about 2 months leading up to my test date. Initially, I had picked up a few review books and tried other computerized programs that aimed to simulate the test's feel and layout. They were not helping as much as I wanted. The Economist product held several differentiating features that helped me learn not only the 'tricks' to specific question types, but review some math and verbal concepts that I was rusty on. Specifically, the GMAT Tutor's ability to dynamically walk through various points of explanation, depending on what I was getting wrong most helped to streamline my study. Material that I demonstrated mastery of immediately wasn't shown to me many times - I was able to concentrate on improving more than just going through the motions. The other feature that stood out was the ability to ask specific questions to the Economist staff about material that I wasn't understanding. Focused, personal responses got me father, faster in my my study.

I didn't take advantage of the essay samples, but I can imagine that they would be useful for others. The only improvement that I could possibly suggest is a more modular approach to the content. I had to study math concepts more than verbal, and it would have been nice to jump around between modules at my discretion, especially close to my test date.

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