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The adaptive system is unique
December 04 | 2016
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This was my third GMAT re-take. Although I did not pass the 700 barrier I liked the adaptive system of The Economist.
The course would focus on my weak areas and was very easy to use.
I managed to finish the course in 3 months but it was extremely time consuming, so if you are planning to finish it be prepared to invest about 3 hours of (real study time) a day, with a free day during the week.
Reaching the first 80% was easy, but after that every 0.1% took 15 minutes of real study time. They call this "maintenance mode" it does help but at the end I felt I was getting very easy questions instead of focusing on my weaknesses.

Overall I think it is a good investment. I did finish 90% of the class so I got my money back without a problem.
They answered questions very quickly. I did like the one-on-one tutor sessions but I think they could be deeper on content.
I have recommended this class to every person I meet who's studying for the GMAT.

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