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I couldn't recommend this program enough - after scoring 650 on the initial diagnostic I dedicated several hours a day towards completing 100% of the guided study. I ended up with a 750, which I was more than happy with.

I thought the Quant sections were easy to understand and full of great time-saving tricks. For example, I learned several tricks on sequences that saved me valuable minutes on the real exam. The Verbal sections were intuitive and QUICK - I felt super confident going into the Verbal section even though it was maybe 20% of the overall course content.

I used two of the live tutoring sessions to brush up on a few concepts, and I found them more useful than I'd predicted. The tutors were diligent in taking notes and emailing them out after our video sessions. Finally, the practice exams (I found) were an accurate predictor of my final score on test day. This program was intuitive and well-worth it. I barely glanced at any other prep materials and got a great result

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