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When I first took the GMAT a year ago, I was struggling with the methodology for certain (quantitative) topics. My 660 (Verbal 85th percentile, Quant 50th percentile) was below my target score, mainly because I apparently had not prepared in the most effective way.

3 months ago, I started with the GMAT Complete Prep, which helped me to better structure my preparation and to point out which topics I needed to practice again. I improved my score to 740 [Verbal 96th percentile, Quant 74th percentile].

- Clear theory and methodology per topic
- Practice tests help you spot weaknesses and accurately mimic the actual GMAT [I scored 760, 720, 770 on my last 3 practice tests and scored a 740 on the actual test]
- Friendly and helpful customer service and tutors

- After completing a topic, only a brief summary is shown. Not all different topics can be practiced again, and the ones that can sometimes use the same practice questions. This can erroneously make you think you fully comprehend the topic, while you actually just memorized the answer/question.
- For Verbal (Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning), no concrete tips are given regarding taking notes when deconstructing the argument/passage
- Less focus on IR and AWA.

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