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August 29 | 2013
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This review is for: Economist GMAT Tutor Premium Prep
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I decided to finally stop talking about applying to business school and actually do it. The only problem with my decision was the application was due in two months. I immediately went to Amazon and purchased the Official GMAT study guide which is inarguably a great resource. I then found the Veritas Prep videos on the iPad that really helped me understand thinking like the test maker. Unfortanately, thinking like the test maker didn't translate into beating the test maker as my first score was much lower than I anticpated. I think I let my poor performance on the IR section affect me during the Quant and Verbal sections but, regardless, I needed to retake the test in one month and increase my score at least 50 points. At that time I found great reviews and a free trial for the Economist's GMAT Tutor. I bit on the free trial and after being impressed with the teaching style of the online course I purchased the one year subscription. I did not have enough time to complete the entire course but in the 40 hours I was able to get through approximately 40% of the material and raised my GMAT score by 100 points. Overall I was impressed with the layout and teaching style and have recommended it to several other co-workers considering going to B-School next year.

While nothing is perfect, I really only had a few small complaints regarding the Economist GMAT Tutor. The first is more an issue with my lack of time as I did not have time to get to some of the sections that I knew I needed more time with, like Geometry and Combinatorics. I also wanted to review the exponents section a few days before the test but you are unable to select specific topics. I also had two technical issues, the first on my work computer where I am unable to login via IE because of a "no transport" error. However, it is a work computer so who knows what restrictions are causing the issue but Firefox worked without a problem. I also tried to use the course on a first generation iPad and some of the scientific notation fonts would not render which made learning the Quant sections impossible but selecting Verbal only was still available while I was mobile.

The constant interaction required with this course is guaranteed to keep you involved in the learning and forces you to learn the material.

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