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The Economist GMAT Tutor has a rigorous verbal preparation. The Reading Comprehension is more difficult than the real GMAT and it prepares you for very tough questions which is great! The Sentence Correction uses Stop Signs in order to train you which turned out to be very useful as it points you to the type of mistakes you need to look for. It was especially helpful as I'm non-native speaker! The Critical Reasoning was very useful too, showing you the main distractors and traps. The Quant section was great - they teach you shortcut techniques which for example are not shown at the Official Guide. The way I have prepared was to use the Economist as a foundation and practice questions from the Official Guide at the end - once you do that and see the explanations at the OG you will really appreciate how good the Economist is and the way they have taught you to think.
One point for improvement is the time it takes for AWA essays to be graded. It usually takes 1 week and if your GMAT is quickly approaching, it might be a limitation to the number of essays you will be able to submit.
However, the core curriculum which is the most important component was great. The opportunity to take tutor sessions aids your preparation and you can work on your weaknesses. The system offers predicted score which in my case was accurate and it gives you more ambition to work harder in order to get to your goal.
To sum up, I highly recommend the Economist GMAT Tutor and it's a great tool for preparation!

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