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I’m a law student in my final year of a five year course in India. My interests lie primarily in corporate law, venture capital and entrepreneurship. I wanted to give the GMAT while I was still in law school to apply to a few deferred MBA programs. Since I’m on a residential campus and I decided pretty late that I wanted to give the GMAT, I couldn’t go to any actual classes I decided to do a google search for online courses and hope for the best! I came across the Economist GMAT tutor, and after a few days research I decided to go ahead with it. My math skills have always been week, and after four and a half years of law school which has included no math at all, I was pretty worried.

The Economist GMAT tutor turned out to be excellent. While studying for my law school semester exams (5 subjects), I was able to study for the GMAT as well thanks to the way their GMAT course is structured. The tutors are all great (at least the ones I interacted with!) and extremely accommodating. The course focused a lot on methods to solve sums quickly which I thought was extremely helpful and exactly what was required. The verbal section of the course also had great methods of identifying the type of question and remembering the rules associated with it.

I ended up with a 710 (Q45 V42) on my first attempt with a 96 percentile in english. After 65-70% of the course it just makes you practice and that really helped. The practice tests and the ability to review them and discuss them with your tutors was extremely beneficial.

I would definitely recommend the Economist GMAT Tutor to anyone thinking of giving the GMAT!

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