March 19, 2015

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Course EMPOWERgmat Online Course

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"The EMPOWERgmat course made it simple. There's a lot of material in the course, so you're going to have to really plan out your schedule wisely, but I followed their three-month study plan, and it mapped everything out by stages, which made the course easy to follow.
I really enjoyed the course. It was very we neatly laid in terms of the basic content, the tactics such as test it, and the intangibles like CAT pacing, and the psychological advice for test day in the podcasts. For example, the content goes through all of the basic algebra, but not just algebra for the sake of algebra. Algebra for the GMAT. The same is true for the sentence correction rules, geometry etc. Then, what's so cool is that you really get to know the logic behind the questions. For me, learning the critical reasoning questions tactics made it night and day. I aways seemed to narrow down to two answers and pick the wrong one so often. EMPOWERgmat trained me to think like a GMAT pro. By the time I was ready to write the real exam, I was nearly perfect on CR on my practice CATS. I learned how to break down the questions, choose the best approach to get to the answer fastest, and sometimes that includes triage which blew my mind. On RC, you have to learn how to read the passages to understand that it's actually not about the detail, it's actually about the role the details play. For me that was a very important breakthrough. My performance in RC also skyrocketed after 2 to 3 CATS

I recommend EMPOWERgmat to everyone, and when I ask them how it's going, they all say the same things I am. If only I were on commission.

I've written thank you notes to Rich and Max and I'm happy to add my review here! You guys rock!! Keep doing what you're doing!"

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