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Trust the system


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When I first started reviewing the GMAT material (official GMAC guide), I didn't know where to begin. I did some diagnostic tests and was disheartened - rusty maths and couldn't get the verbal section right. I thought "maybe the GMAT isn't for me". I looked at the various material - manhattan, kaplan, khan academy, anything I could get my hands on - and felt daunted by the sheer amount of resources available. There's so much material you don't know where and how to begin.

I came across empowerGMAT and made a calculated decision to follow their modules and recommended sequence. Don't doubt, don't second-guess, just go through the material as per suggested. Important point - I made sure I had committed enough time to give myself a shot (80-100 hours) and went through the course, trusting the system.

As the hours racked up and I did practice CATs, I found my score steadily increasing... I think I did about 15 hours and 1 week between each CAT.

To my absolute joy, the best score I recorded was during the actual GMAT test itself. I hit my target score and am now awaiting the results from a couple of the best B-schools.

If you put in the required hours and trust the EmpowerGMAT system, I assure you that your score WILL improve dramatically - trust the system.

I highly recommend EmpowerGMAT.

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