May 12, 2015

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750 in 2 months! EMPOWERgmat you ROCK!


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Course EMPOWERgmat Online Course

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I took the GMAT, and I’m still thrilled that I got the exam out of the way for good.

Five years ago, I took the exam twice because I had some down time right after college, but could only achieve mediocre scores - 640 & 680. Having utilized some of the mainstream GMAT courses out there big on theory and lengthy explanations for answers, I wanted to choose a straightforward course this time around: a tactic based course that would allow me the flexibility to study at my own pace.

There are several vital tactics that EMPOWER taught me that I had originally taken for granted, but proved KEY to my success on test day. Writing everything down on the pad, summarizing the main point, reading everything extremely carefully, and throwing out brutally difficult questions relentlessly.

On test day, I did everything exactly according to the plan that Rich and Max helped me set up and I could even hear their voices in my head saying: “what is the main point of this?” and “TRIAGE!"

When I finished both sections with more than 10 minutes left, I knew how effective all the training I did with EMPOWER had been. If you’re on the fence about trying out EMPOWER, take my word for it and just give it a try. I was skeptical when I saw reports of all these dramatic score improvements by EMPOWER users, but now I know why.

Also, from when I first purchased the course to my test day, the course advisor helped me out with my pain points and reminded me of the importance of the EMPOWER tactics. This was amazing especially since I panicked a couple of times after practice exams.

Thank you EMPOWERgmat. YOU ROCK!!!

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