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590 to 700 - EMPOWERgmat gave me the extra boost!


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I believe EMPOWERgmat was the key piece to me earning my 700. They have a score booster curriculum for those who feel their GMAT abilities have hit a ceiling. This is exactly what I needed. I really liked that they took all the GMAT study plan strategizing out of my hands; their syllabus is easy-to-follow, and as long as you just do what they tell you, your score WILL improve. Rich and Max bring a lot of enthusiasm to their instructional videos, making long study sessions easier to endure. They evoke the "athletic coach persona" and communicate the GMAT concepts and strategies in a way that really motivates you to crush the test. I noticed occasional misspellings in the practice problems in their videos and minor bugs in their online platform (as of 01/16/2016, it looks like they completely revamped and upgraded their platform!), but these small issues never got in the way of my studying. Their website may not have the shiny production value of the large, established test prep companies (i.e. Manhattan GMAT), but it's the value of the content that counts, and EMPOWERgmat delivers.

The most important thing I learned from EMPOWERgmat was to alter my approach and mindset - it's not about how much content you know, it's almost ALL about strategy. Once you nail the concepts down, you have to realize that the GMAT will reward those who treat the test like a business situation. To specify, you have limited resources (time), and the GMAT will reward (with a high score) those who maximize the utility of their limited resources (spending time on problems you know how to solve and/or strategically guessing versus spending all your time on difficult problems that don't count much towards your score anyway). This fundamental shift in mentality completely freed me to not get bogged down in the concepts I didn't know or with which I was not comfortable. EMPOWERgmat hammers this perspective into all of their instruction so that it becomes second nature. This is what paved the way for me to earn that 700. For anyone looking to boost their score or take a high-quality course from the comfort of their home, I highly recommend this course!

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