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EMPOWERgmat is where it's at!!


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Disclaimer: Apologies for a long review!!

Let me begin by saying my GMAT journey took longer to finish compared to the average test taker. I started out with taking the Veritas in person prep course in Jan 2015. After 6 weeks of class i took another 12 weeks or so of on again, off again prep to give the first of two tests. I got a 600 with Q42 and V28, I believe. I was really upset with my score as i was getting most of my quant and verbal questions correct during homework (review). Problem was I only did 2 tests as the instructor at Veritas recommended. BIG MISTAKE!!

As i couldn't really sleep the next night I logged into GMAT club and started reading whatever review I could find on improving your score by a 100 points, as a minimum. I noticed a pattern...there were several reviews of people claiming EMPOWERgmat is what helped them achieve that. Most if not all had a similar story to tell as me. The best part was it was pay as you go, and for just $99/month. Also the only book it asked you to use was the Official Guide. (I never used this for my first test...Second mistake)

I decided to try it and it was the best decision of my life. Having grown up not taking standardized tests, Rich and Max's input made a huge difference on what pitfalls to avoid while preparing and taking this test. They rightly said the approach and strategy to taking this test is probably more important than the content. Those are the 2 key areas I focused on. Their methods are spot on. It took a while for me to change my mindset of solving every problem, but once I did and used the methods Rich and Max suggested I saw massive improvements in my practice test scores. I had circumstances that forced me to change my dates twice and push my second test date out, but you honestly need just 3 months to get ready if you can focus.

Empower helped me gain 90 pts on this test and it was by literally getting my stubborn rear to change my test taking mindset. So my advice for GMAT assassins who sign up with EMPOWER is this...follow Rich and Max's instructions to a T!! Change your mindset if you are like me (an engineer wanting to solve everything the long way) and focus on only what is really important content-wise. They have it all layed out for you. Rich, Max and Brian (EMPOWER assigns you an advisor as well :)), I salute you!! Thanks for everything!

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