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This course is a gamechanger. That is not an overstatement. Before taking this course I scored 680 in a practice CAT. 3 months later my official GMAT resulted in a 760. The Quant part of this course is really something else. Rich makes everything seem very simple. I am not the type of person that can handle lines and lines of equations and formulas. Rich teaches you to tackle the GMAT the way it should be tackled. To illustrate this, I finished the Quant section approx 14 minutes early (plus i spent about 10 minutes on one question, don't do this!!). Rich's quant videos, combined with his solutions to the OG questions, taught me how to think differently and after a while I found myself able to apply this thinking to questions I had not seen before. I personally did not need much help in Verbal but the SC part of this course was somewhat helpful to me. I have recommended this course to all my friends and will continue to do so because people deserve to know about Empower.

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