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Great course for taking your GMAT score to the next level!


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Course EMPOWERgmat Online Course

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I took the EMPOWERgmat course and found it to be great for folks who are at a decent level (in the 600s I would say) and are looking to take their scores over the 700 mark.

(1) Very practical approach and lot of focus on application- teaching is not limited just to the concepts
(2) Triage, Test the cases and Test it are very useful- I was able to pull my Quant score to a Q50 using these and I did not devote much time to Quant during my preparation. With the right practice, I am confident of pushing my score to a Q51 in my next attempt.
(3) Packages come with 6 Official mocks- these 4 mocks (Exam Pack 1 and 2) are available for $90 otherwise and are a must do for any serious aspirant
(4) Podcasts and Empower techniques- These videos are very useful and enhance your knowledge on a lot of aspects regarding the test. These are things which you'll mostly find in blogs and articles but not readily at any place.
(5) Great customer service- I got quick and helpful replies from Brian whenever I reached out to them
(6) Monthly subscription- they charge you monthly so you don't have to pay a hefty amount if you don't intend to keep the course longer
(7) OG video solutions- These are given for almost all the questions using the taught approach. I like them more than text based solutions.

Can be better
(1) For folks who are just starting out or at a very low score (read 400 or 500), the foundation needs to be built first and the course is slightly geared towards folks who are at a decent level and looking to make that jump from 600s to 700, or late 600 to 730+.
(2) The course user interface can be improved and sometimes files took good time to load even on a good internet connection. The user experience can be made more seamless.
(3) In SC, the lessons need to be a bit more detailed. I understand that getting in too many rules and stuff can be confusing for students but explaining the application of concepts more can be very helpful.

Overall- A good course and would surely recommend it to all test takers for the excellent value it offers.

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