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Well, this is my turn to share some thoughts about what took me to 700 score in GMAT. I just would like to say that this journey was stressful and interesting, sometimes depressing but always exciting! Thanks to EMPOWERgmat and their team, especially Brian, who supported me a lot during my preparation phase.
First of all, I did appreciate the style of the lessons. Video format is MUCH MORE helpful than a classical text lesson. I understood that finding a proper answer is only a half of the deal - another one is HOW exactly you go through the process, and EMPOWERgmat is great in setting you on the right trail. The material is given in a consistent and concise way, without some additional burdensome information which was there when I tried other courses. So, video video and video! I am not kidding – you’ll feel the difference! Possibly there are some similar resources which do the same, I don't even exclude that there are some free resources in YouTube or elsewhere, but consistency is the MUST! Therefore, guys, you just take this course and you have all you need in one place. That is very important! Even if I say that there are no exaggerated loads of materials - this is widely enough to achieve what you really need - boost your GMAT score. And EMPOWERgmat creators put in there so many efforts – you’ll be amazed! After all, it’s worth paying a bit, not really a fortune.
Now I’ll tell you some history. My first attempt in Feb 2016 was 600 (43, 29) and I didn't practice seriously - just re-read some formulas and got the overall idea what GMAT is. It was quite arrogant from my side or better to say ignorant. I just couldn't imagine what specifically one could practice on verbal if he/she already speaks and reads English^)) My score proved how wrong I was! Nevertheless, I decided not to retake and went to Indonesia where ancient scent of local magic whispered to me that I should retake. While being there I registered for the test and started reading some verbal related materials. I must admit that the resources I used were somehow boring, uninformative, unappealing and finally useless. Well, I did practice maybe 3 weeks or so but, again, my next score proved that I did something wrong. I got 560 with quant and verbal even weaker than before! I don't exclude that ancient scent of Indonesian magic had something to do there but all that was about the same thing - lack of consistency. I was so angry, frustrated and disappointed! It hit my self-esteem a lot! I said to myself that I need to improve seriously and that jokes are over and that I should start serious games. I started researching. I remember I noticed a post from a guy who wrote about EMPOWERgmat and how helpful it was especially in boosting his verbal skills since he had applied mathematics background. That guy was also from Ukraine and I thought that possibly our hurdles in English must be the same or it was just the feeling of brotherhood, doesn't matter. I decided to boost my GMAT and I picked EMPOWERgmat for the job.
I had already applied to my schools with 600 and was anxious to retake as soon as possible so my task was a bit more complicated (you may notice how many strategic faults I committed). So this time I started practicing like crazy and right from the gate I was surprised how I enjoyed the process (I would make a stress on Rich's math videos - they are amazing and really inspiring on the whole). Actually GMAT is all about processes at which your skills are tested. Somehow you should learn to enjoy what you are doing since this takes quite a considerable part of your life. First I tried an assault and now can say: never take GMAT by assault.
The interesting thing is that I committed there one more serious mistake. And I paid for it! Exactly 250 USD))) My third attempt, after completing almost 100% of the course, was 550!!! I can’t express how shocked I was! And at this point Brian from EMPOWERgmat team helped me a lot! He was able to set my mind to win and persuaded me to go on. Thanks a lot, Brian! The EMPOWERgmat gave me one month of complementary use after my failure and supported during 17 days which separated my third test from the fourth one. To be frank, the mistake was to go and take the test right after so intense practicing. Now I understand that I just couldn’t get higher score with the head packed with all the things I learned – I needed some time to put everything in order. Brian let me understand that and he also gave me the feeling that I was ready BUT had to consider the whole thing under a slightly different angle. So I used the course for some rehearsal and some practicing. No major efforts during this period – just concentrating on the future result (which was also awaited by my preferred school as 600 appeared to be too low, of course!).
You may imagine the stress I had the test day after all the previous bad steps I had already made. When 700(47 38) appeared on my screen it was so fantastic! Here I would add that I took only one practice exam before the last official test and also scored 700(49 35). It means that math in the course was very very helpful while my target improvement was obviously verbal.
Now I hope that my school will be finally happy with my score and as I’ve finished my GMAT story I hope that other test takers won’t repeat the same silly mistakes. Take GMAT seriously and you will be rewarded! And EMPOWERgmat is here to help you! In my case it was only one month during which I passed almost the whole course but it was not a good idea at all. I’d say 3 months would be just great and thus the score might be much better than mine. Yet, I was pleased by friendly feedback I got from Brian when I dropped a note that I finally could beat the GMAT.
It is a bit long post – the point is to prevent people from the mistakes I did. You better go to the right place and start right preparation. You’ll see the difference! I am ready to provide more details in case someone would be interested in (structure of the course, video modules, error log sheets, grammar and math rules etc.).
My guess is that even without summing up you understand my point. The only thing I would like to emphasize is that you won’t be disappointed if you finally choose EMPOWERgmat even after other courses that you eventually have already tried. Good luck to everyone and know that if one can do it being 33 y.o. and unorganized then you’ll do it for sure!

P.S. Don't be bothered by AWA and IR at all. The half of AWA essay is a one-fit-for-all stuff which can be just learned by heart and put in for any argument. IR is more about your ability to quickly go through it because the real business is ahead. EWPOWERgmat will teach you this as well!

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