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EmpowerGMAT is a must for strategy


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EmpowerGMAT helps you so much with the strategic/tactical aspect of the GMAT.

When I started studying for the GMAT I used the Manhattan Prep books to brush up my basics. It helped me quite a bit, however, my score improvements remained small. In my first cold attempt at the GMAT prep test I scored a 590. After studying with the Manhattan books, I scored a 620. I knew I had to change something in my practice methodology.

I needed someone to tell me how to approach problems. I needed strategy for certain problem types. Especially, however, I needed help in Quant. I decided to go with Empower since their tutor Rich is highly active here in the forums and already helped me out with some problems. Also, their monthly payment option is great to talor exactly to your needs without having to pay "dead months".

I could not have made a better decision. Rich is extremely motivational and modules do not just tell you the basics and concepts (they do that as well), but most importantly, they show you how to tackle the problems. Before starting Empower I was actually quite scared and frustrated because of reaching a plateau. After starting Empower, after one day, I knew, something had changed. I had my drive back, even with problems I couldn't solve, I didn't feel completely lost anymore. I always had an approach ready. I had tactics for easy problems as well as difficult problems. For any kind of problem I had a tactic, even if it was to take and educated guess. That way, I never felt lost anymore.

Another great aspect of Empower is that they teach you how the GMAT works. This is extremely underrated. It shows you which questions count and which ones do not. I have yet to come to another company that teaches you that. It is EXTREMELY helpful, especially, since it lets you skip too difficult questions with ease because you know they do not count.

In regards to the modules, both Quant and Verbal are great, however, I feel, that the Quant module is definitely a tad better. This is not because Verbal is poor but more because the Quant module is just absolutely amazing. Also, since I pretty much started with a Verbal score of 39 it was actually harder for them to improve my Verbal score. So here my opinion could definitely be subjective. I feel like their Verbal module is more tailorded towards beginners while their Quant definitely helps you out a lot when you already have a high level.

To conclude, I would definitely recommend Empower when you have the basics but still struggle with the questions (most likely because of strategy). If you want the full Gmat preparation package, I would recommend buying the complete Manhattan series for basics and the Empower course for the tactics and strategies to KILL the Gmat.

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