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From 660 -730 : Learn the Test not just the Material


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Course EMPOWERgmat Online Course

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EmpowerGMAT was very different from the other GMAT prep companies and materials. They were the only company that I research that used videos as the basis of their lessons and taught directly from official questions. I had originally taken the GMAT with the help of the OG13 guide and the Manhattan books. These materials are perfectly sufficient if you have an obvious weakness in a particular subject area or deficiency in knowledge.

My weakness was in test taking strategy and stamina. EmpowerGMAT has several modules in which they address strategies to deal with limited time, how to guess on difficult questions, and how to approach a particular question based on the type. After learning and implementing these strategies I was able to score a 730 and place myself in a great position to apply for top business schools. Thank you Empower!

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