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I started my GMAT preparation with Magoosh which I still think is a decent program, but my score improvement was only 20 points so I decided to give EmpowerGMAT a try.

I like the way this course is set up. It's very easy to follow and EmpowerGMAT is the only test company I know of that offers a lot of very useful strategies on how to handle the GMAT that go beyond sheer knowledge of the tested material.
The practice quizzes consist of problems from the OG. I found the quantitative section to be excellent and the verbal section was good as well.
After studying with this course for two months I took the GMAT once again and improved my score by 50 points to a total score of 630. I really think the course is responsible for me consistently scoring above 600 now. I am not completely satisfied with my score yet and will continue studying using this course and also a tutor.

I emailed customer support and told them about my GMAT score being 10 points short of the guaranteed 60 point improvement and received one month course access without charge.

Customer support has always been excellent and they have reached out several times to ask how I was doing with the course.
I really think the team of EmpowerGMAT is genuinely interested in the high quality of the course and the success of its students.

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