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If you are like me, you have been using a bunch of different GMAT study materials, most of them CONTENT focused, addressing the subject matter needed to solve the question, but NOT necessarily how to solve the question, while you are sitting at the testing center on the day of the GMAT. After spending a bunch of money on materials, I have come to the conclusion all you really need is the Official Guide, the Verbal and Quant extra questions, GMAT Club, and Empowergmat. Empower provides the system: how to approach each question, methodically, one by one, and defeat it, in the test center, on the day of the test. Before using Empower, I , like many of you, had a lot of untapped knowledge I for some reason could not bring to bear on GMAT questions. The Empower videos provide the tactics needed, including Triage, and guide you towards a mentality to excel.

To note: if you are looking for a comprehensive review of advanced math or an explanation of all the possible idiosyncrasies found in the verbal section, this course is not for you. Empower teaches you methods for solving advanced math questions, not necessarily the crazy underlying math you can find in the official guide, and provides strategies for verbal, not tricks for memorizing every idiom in the English Language.

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