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I would like to say thank you to EMPOWERgmat team. The materials were superbly written and executed, especially on Quant. Prior to Empower, I was stuck with a sub-30 Q score (Total GMAT: 530) and using the module, I managed to learn that quant is actually not that hard, and quite fun. My verbal score also improved as I practiced hard to solve that tricky modifier error on SC or applying the CR box during CR questions, and this boosted my score from 35 to 44. In Indonesia, the trend is that people’s quant scores are generally much higher than that of verbal. So my higher than average verbal score is kind of an anomaly, all thanks to Empower. Oh and the Triage… I wonder what I would get had I not learned about Triage from Rich and Max. The support team was also great! My contact, Brian, promptly responded to my concerns about any of the materials and he ensured that I was sufficiently equipped with the GMAT strategies before setting off on my own. In the end, I improved my score by 160 points from 530 to 690 in less than 3 months.

As a final note, we do not have the luxury of abundance of GMAT prep companies in Indonesia, most relying on traditional pen-and-paper teaching method. But we know from Empower that this method is incredibly flawed especially when dealing with a rigorous 4.5-hour computer based test, testing both your stamina and mental strength. I’ve taken the liberty to recommend Empower to my Indonesian colleagues who are looking to ace the GMAT for their MBA journeys. A friend managed to improve her score from 500s to 680 and another friend improved from 640 to 690. The way we say it in Indonesia: EMPOWERgmat mantap!

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