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January 30 | 2017
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I am using Empower GMAT course while preparing for the GMAT test. While I am using this course in conjunction with MGMAT books and some other materials too, I really like this course the best, as I feel that it suits my learning temparament.

I am easily distracted and very lazy, also studing in the evenings after a long and stressful work day makes it very hard for me to get in the groove to study.

Enough on my ramblings... now on to the course review.
The conversational style of videos and the engaging voice of the instructors jolts me to actually leran something instead of passively going through the motions. Having said that, i feel that the videos have very basic content but high on stratgeies, be it triage, test it etc.. I feel that we do need additional materials for concept and then fine tune our preparation with startegies explained in the videos.

There are little nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout the course warning us on the mistakes that a test taker does. I find this extremely helpful. I feel as if someone is holding my hand and already pre- warning me on the errorrs I am about to make.

The other thing which I feel is working for me is witnessing an expert walk through the steps and thought process of the questions.

Overall I am loving the course, I hope this will help me while I actually take the test.

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