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March 01 | 2017
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I signed up for the EMPOWERgmat course not exactly knowing what I was getting into. I am so happy I did.
Now, I had taken the GMAT twice without studying and did fairly average. 530 & 540. I never wanted to take it again because it is so long and tedious. I knew I needed to get a score of 600+ to even be considered into some of the better business schools.
Therefore I tried to find a program that could provide me with the ideal way of studying. EMPOWERgmat did just that for me.
The course is set up in a very simple easy to handle way. The area I needed to improve the most in was the Quant section. So for 3.5 weeks I focused solely on the Quant section. I spent only two days on verbal. Throughout the 3.5 weeks I spent using this course I learned a lot. Rich and Max teach you the most important steps to do well on the GMAT. it is not all about formulas and grammar rules. No, It is about strategies and tactics that you can use to get through questions as fast as possible. I really loved that aspect about it because you do not have a lot of time to complete the amount of questions they are asking you to do on the GMAT. A lot of the course is based on you watching Rich or Max in videos explaining a strategy/tactic/formula/rule that you need to use on the GMAT. Then the module proceeds to ask you 10 questions that you work through trying to use this newly acquired skill and then Max or Rich will work through each question you answered and show you the right and fastest way to get through them. It is super easy and simple learning and that is exactly what I needed. In 3.5 weeks I improved my score by 70 points and I can't really ask for more considering the short time frame I had to work with.
Definitely recommend this course.
I think with 3 months time on my hands I could have scored over a 700 with this course. It is the best out there I am sure of it.

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