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March 07 | 2017
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Empower GMAT is great for people who are just starting to prepare for the test and for those who are preparing for a while and are unable to move forward and improve. The last score I got was 680 and I was unsure what else can I do to improve my score. I read all the books advised and practiced as much as I could, but my score stayed the same.
I found Empower GMAT when I was looking for a good Math course. My Verbal score I thought was good enough, so I mainly was concerned about Math. I decided to try and never regretted it. What I liked about the course:
- It seems very fun and easy; sometimes I didn’t feel like I was studying.
- It seems very personal; the instructors give you advices not only about the academics, but what to do before the exam and how to make sure you will get the best scores. You can always email them and generally they seem like good guys.
- You are given only information you need, nothing else. Pretty much, it’s all the info in one place.
- The course is very strategic, you are given strategies and tactics on how to do the best you can. Using those tactics really helps.

I guess the only thing I regret about is that I hadn’t found this course earlier; maybe I would not spend all this time reading through millions of books and articles and trying to find the best solutions. It would save a lot of time.

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