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For GMAT Verbal, look no further! (770 | Q50 V46)


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This was the first time I was appearing for my GMAT, and by some good luck I was able to sandwich my date between the process of switching jobs. I always knew I would be able to ace the Quant section of GMAT, partly because of my engineering background, and partly because I love doing analytical mathematics. But being a non-native speaker, the Verbal section was always an uphill task for me.
Despite joining local coaching classes, and sitting for numerous practise tests, my verbal score stagnated at 36-37 and the overall score at 720. With a month to go for my exam, I knew I had to take some urgent measures if I have to go beyond 750.
I tried out the freebies given by all the online prep websites, and chose EMPOWERgmat over the others, primarily because of the style of teaching in the lectures. The lectures are clear, crisp and very involving. The clarity provided about different methods to tackle the questions in GMAT, the analytics of responses and the thought behind the exam as a whole were pivotal in improving my score. I realised, you can't be smart enough to know everything; you got to improvise and think like the test-maker (or at least try to)!
I still have a long way to go before I get into an MBA program, but aiming for the top is now a possibility, all thanks to EMPOWERgmat. I'll be more than happy to help out other folks in any way I can, and answer any questions you might have! Cheers.

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