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I started preparing for the GMAT using self-prep methods and my first few cracks at practice exams indicated that I needed to put in some serious studying. Having not taken any kind of test in almost a decade, I took my first official stab at the GMAT and scored a 560, I was pretty bummed. It was way lower than what I needed for my target schools and way lower than my practice exams.

After looking around on the forums here I discovered EMPOWERgmat. I figured I would give it the one day trial and see what I thought of the format and interface. I really liked it and the planned out guide was great. I had a relatively short period to take the test again, one month. In that month I followed the 1-month study plan. Following Rich and Max's videos was a great way to develop working strategies to take the test. My math score was already strong so what I learned from Rich only went to reinforce that. Max's tactics that I learned on the verbal helped me jump up 15 points in verbal. With work picking up in the summer I ended up not being able to focus on my studying as much and jumped only 40 points to a 600. I was happy that I had improved, but not with the level of improvement.

I have never been a strong standardized test taker, but knew that I could do better than that - my practice scores indicated that. I decided to study using the EMPOWER tactics for an additional month. What I struggled with was getting the timing right using the new EMPOWER tactics. I worked on this and took the test again and scored a 650 - a score I was happy with.

With the 70 point guarantee, how can you really go wrong? I figured, if I jump 70 points I would be pretty happy, and still might take it again... The flip side of that was that if I didn't hit the 70 point jump, I would get my money back or a free month of EMPOWER, which is what I chose. It's a win-win.

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