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In 2 months to my target score
February 03 | 2018
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I applied to Master Programs in Business School in Europe and needed to score at least 600 points. After I did some review in math concepts, I took a practice test and scored 570. It was really shocking for me as I only had 2 months left until the application deadline and really needed to score above 600 on my first try.

At first, I thought that I could master the GMAT with the OG alone but after my second practice test, which I scored even lower (540), I asked a friend who recently did his GMAT for help. He recommended EMPOWERgmat as this course took him to his target score. I gave it a try and really can't thank the EMPOWER guys enough! Their approach is so much better than studying math formulas and rules all day long. They teach you very powerful tactics to beat this test without the need to learn all the math and verbal rules you otherwise would have to learn. Furthermore, for me, it was very helpful to have a study plan and to know what to learn and practice next.

In the actual test, I was still very nervous and not sure whether I learned enough to get my target score but in some situations, I heard Rich or Max speaking in my head and reminding me about all the approaches and tactics I learned during their lessons. This made me feel more comfortable and I was rewarded with a score of 630 in the end. I didn't even imagine to score over 600, so this score was a huge surprise for me and a reward for the skills and tactics I learned during the EMPOWER online training.

All in all, I can unconditionally recommend the EMPOWERgmat training to anyone who wants to reach their target score in minimum time with a really efficient approach. I don't which score I would have scored without the EMPOWER training but honestly, I don't even want to know that.

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