April 20, 2018

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a Must go for a frustrated souls


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Course EMPOWERgmat Online Course

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After 2 failed attempts and 20 months of frustration, i came across the gold dust of EMPOWERGMAT. After the last failed attempt (Sep 2017), I am determined to give one last attempt. During this time, i stumbled across some of the demo videos of EMPOWERGMAT and instantly thought that course would be a right fit for me. I got in touch with the Rich and the converstaion made me signup for the course. I signed up for the one month program. Their verbal strategy is very especially the small tips (which made a huge difference in my exam) given by Rich. Their explanation of the concepts are top notch.

Max's approach to the CR and SC has completely changed my thought process and RC was solely focussed on picking the right answer.

These clear methods made my preparation very easy and in the end made me reach my dream score of 720. I would recommend the course to every one

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