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A 710 with EMPOWERgmat
September 03 | 2018
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I ended up pulling a 710 on the GMAT which I am quite happy with, and I don't think I could have done it without the team at EMPOWER. I saw my biggest improvement in verbal, where I went from the 82nd percentile to the 98th. Unfortunately, I didn't see the same improvement in math. I ended up scoring a 42 on the official exam which put me into the 43%.

Verbal: Max's videos did wonders to help improve my approach to the verbal section. I had worked with various books and free videos online, and all of them left me stumbling over SC and CR. Max knows this section inside and out and I simply followed his clear logic and approach, and it helped me get a really good verbal score. He takes the guesswork out of the verbal section. After finishing, I basically knew exactly what to expect, and at the end of the day, there were no surprises. This gave me plenty of extra time on the super tough questions, and I finished this section with a ton of confidence.

Quant: While I really felt the same about Rick's quant videos as I did about Max's verbal videos, I didn't see the improvement I was hoping for. I went from a 38 to a 42, but that wasn't good enough for me. I really struggled with Quant from day one, even though I have always considered myself a competent mathematician. In the same way that Max takes a lot of guesswork out of the Verbal section, I found that Rick, through his many lessons, was able to give a very very solid overview of what to expect on the quant section and how to approach it. Triage was simply invaluable, and on the actual test day, I was able to skip a couple questions (using Rick's advice), and I'm convinced this helped save me from an even lower Quant score.

Overall: These guys are the real deal and will help you greatly improve your score. I think the 3 month package is definitely the way to go, as it takes time to make your way through the videos while giving them 100% of your attention and energy. Rick and Max both let you inside their minds to see EXACTLY how to approach each section.

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