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6/23/18 - Official GMAT #1 - 580 - Q44 - V26
10/1/18 - Official GMAT #2 - 670 - Q45 - V37

I owe my 90 point increase entirely to EMPOWERgmat.

I self-studied for 1 month and got a 580. I was miserable and I wasn't sure if I could beat the GMAT. I took the month of July off from studying as I decided what my new approach would be. I knew I learned best through instructional videos. I don't like in-class instruction and I wanted it to be self-paced. Another big thing is PRICE. The GMAT exam is expensive enough, I didn't want to spend $1000 on a class - that's outrageous and unnecessary. Then I found EMPOWERgmat. I went through their trial period and I knew within a few minutes that this was the class for me. You pay $99 a month so if you can finish the whole online course in one month then you save money!

It took me two months to complete the entire Score Booster EMPOWERgmat course. I started studying on August 1st, 2018 and my GMAT retake was scheduled for October 1st, 2018. I do work full time and I honestly wasn't as diligent as I could have been. Had I studied more consistently (as opposed to just utilizing my weekends) I could have gotten a 700+.

Rich and Max's videos were amazing and they teach you everything you need to know. They taught me that the "trap" answers that always got me are actually punishment answers because I was doing something wrong. They also told me I can SKIP certain questions. I was shocked by that and I found it difficult in the beginning to skip hard/time consuming questions. Once I started skipping 3-4 questions in both Quant and 2-3 in Verbal, my practice scores shot up to 690. Now, given my goal sore of 650, I didn't focus as much on the Quant section because I was always within a range of 44-46, which was fine for me. What I needed to focus on was the Verbal section and the strategies for solving each type of problem. The strategies I learned from EMPOWERgmat were critical in improving my verbal score by 11 points! Only in the one week before my exam did I do official GMAT questions outside of those presented in the EMPOWERgmat course. So, as I said, if you put in more practice than I did, you can get a 700+ with the strategies taught to you by EMPOWERgmat.

Quant: Rich's videos helped me sooo much with pacing. I always ran out of time during my practice exams so I always got a bunch of questions wrong at the end. And the questions at the end are almost always GETABLE. The GMAT puts them there to reward the people who are doing well on time. Also, I was finally getting number property and overlapping set questions correct thanks to the strategies that Rich taught. If you struggle in math, Rich will teach you all the basics and then the tricks to make you better.

Verbal: Max taught me strategies I never knew I needed. I thought I could get by on Verbal because its just reading words. Nope. I needed those strategies in order to get an 11 point increase in my verbal score. After watching all the verbal section videos, SC was finally easy, I was able to knock out the 3 wrong answer types on CR, and RC was actually simple if you spend more time reading the passage! I hated the Verbal section of the GMAT, it was never my strong suit. But Max's videos were so amazing that I started to enjoy some of the questions because for the first time, I KNEW I was choosing the correct answer, I wasn't just guessing between 2-3 answers. The most important thing I learn from Max is how to choose the right answer when you've narrowed it down to two answers. That strategy helped me the most because I always got it down to a 50/50 shot, but I always chose wrong.

Overall, EMPOWERgmat is the best course out there. It's inexpensive compared to others, it's self-paced, and they provide so many other benefits with the class (they set you up with an advisor, they have an option for a 30 min phone call with a pro to look at your admissions essays/profile, you can get GMAT official exams at a discounted price). EMPOWERgmat is the best bang for your buck. The team is incredibly helpful and I've already recommended the course o multiple friends and colleagues who want to take the beast that is the GMAT. You won't regret choosing EMPOWERgmat. Start with their free trial, I promise you will like it.

Good luck and happy studies!

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