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EMPOWERgmat Course Review
January 10 | 2019
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Earning a 560 (35 Q 32 V 5 IR 6 AWA) in late October was a gut punch after studying with the Princeton Review online course for 3 months. I wanted to call it quits before I read about EMPOWERgmat. I heard the course was especially popular for those who were looking to re-take the test. I knew my issues were more so strategy based than concept based. EMPOWERgmat was a fantastic choice because of the people who work there. The support team always responded to my questions and was always there providing guidance to me. As for the content of the course, Rich(Quant) and Max(Verbal) both do an excellent job explaining the makeup of the test and how to best MAXIMIZE your total score because some people do not know that certain questions on the GMAT aren't worth many points. Rather than spending 20 minutes trying to figure out some wacky multi-shape geometry problem, I learned to triage the question and move on to more gettable questions that DO greatly impact your score. For $99/month, the total score booster plan was great because the syllabus is organized in a way that allows you to build on the skills you learn. Strategy and mental makeup in my opinion are even more important than actual knowledge of the content. While the course absolutely prepares you to succeed on the content of the test, the strategies and tips you learn are essential to getting a higher score. Had I not stumbled a bit in the Verbal section this time, my score may have well been into the 700's. Overall, I highly recommend enrolling in the EMPOWERgmat course for anybody who is looking to maximize their GMAT score .

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