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Undoubtedly THE BEST Quant & Verbal Online Course


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Course EMPOWERgmat Online Course

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On the first GMAT attempt, I received a 720 (Q50, V37) entirely because of EMPOWERgmat, to be honest. Had I maintained calm and composure during the test, I would have score higher.

Having enrolled in several leading GMAT courses, I found EMPOWERgmat extremely GMAT focused. The course is uniquely designed to get a 700+ score. Unlike other courses, EMPOWERgmat focuses on other neglected aspects of he test, such as the mental and psychological readiness of test takers. Rather than overwhelming test takers with bulky concepts, this course approaches GMAT with a sharp focus on getting a 700+ test score. Of course the course covers every concept in the most efficient and effective way, but it does so by keeping students highly engaged.

For clarity, my practice test scores were stuck at 670-680 for a long time. It was only after completing EMPOWERgmat online course that my practice score were always in the 710-770 range. It is the only course which offers a perfect balance between Verbal and Quant; any test taker looking for a single course which offers the best possible strategies and concepts must signup as a student as early as possible.

- Excellent and Unique strategies in both Verbal and Quant sections.
- Highly engaging and interactive sessions.
- Huge repository of practice questions and solutions.
- Provides the best possible solution to official guide questions.
- Prepares test takers mentally and psychologically to face the test.
- Offers effective online support; every query is answered with detailed responses within 24 hours.
- Provides personal attention to every single student.
- Glitch free Online experience; the user interface is extremely efficient.

- To be extremely honest, there's NOTHING remotely bad about EMPOWERgmat course.

I highly recommend the course to everyone who is targeting a high score on the GMAT. Do not think twice before enrolling to this course; this course is worth every penny you pay.

July 31, 2019

Is it advisable to prep with just the empower gmat and having an high score is guaranteed ?

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