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I decided to purchase an EMPOWERgmat subscription because I was hitting a wall with my studying. I had taken a few practice tests from a different company and found that I was scoring below 600, even after weeks of studying. A few posts on reddit kept pushing me to use a subscription service, and based on the experiences people had written about, I had a feeling that EMPOWERgmat would be right for me. I was 100% correct about that. Even though I barely missed the mark of a 700 by getting a 690, this was a high enough score to meet my original goals. I also had a lot of challenges along the way, and I’m proud of this accomplishment considering my circumstances.

EMPOWERgmat gives you the tools and allows you to develop the skills you need to get 700+ on the GMAT. Plain and simple. If you put the work in over 3 months, consistently studying about 2 hours a day and about 4 on weekends, I’d say that would be sufficient to get to your goal, assuming you have a starting point similar to mine. Whether you already have a high baseline (>600), or you’re struggling with your practice tests (<600), EMPOWERgmat will give you the building blocks necessary to achieve your desired score. It will take you longer, however, to recover from your initial score to get to your desired score. You can expect to spend even more hours studying if you’re trying to fill knowledge gaps that others have already mastered.

The name EMPOWERgmat is apt because you will feel empowered as you proceed through the course. Rich has a particular way of motivating you during his video lessons. Max is also very good and I particularly like the way the Verbal training is laid out. Reading from a textbook and working practice problems is mandatory, but video lessons walk you through the ways that the test is designed to trick you. The GMAT is about separating those who are lazy and unwilling to perform the hard work necessary to achieve a high score, and those who are systematic, patient, and confident in their ability to parse through seemingly impossible questions. Even if you are faced with a question that is at the upper limit or on the outskirts of your ability, EMPOWERgmat will teach you exactly what to do with such questions.

The EMPOWERgmat website is not state-of-the-art, but it’s more than enough to get the job done. You’ll be spending the majority of your time on the modules that are already in place, giving you more than enough material to chew on as you prepare. Some people rely on trackers and tools and other ways to measure their progress and stay motivated. My singular motivation was the business school of my dreams and the career that awaits me on the other side of it. You can use EMPOWERgmat with confidence, knowing that regardless of your motivation and goals, their people, website, and methods will equip you with everything you need to succeed.

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