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It was in August of 2018 when I started my initial preparation for GMAT. As recommended by most of
the fellow test takers, I followed the OG for practising and Manhattan Guides for strengthening my
concepts. With this preparation, I scheduled my GMAT for the month of November. Though I was able
to tackle most of the questions in the official mocks, I felt I was mostly short of time owing to the tough
questions. This became the reason why in the Official Test I could not finish the Quant section on time
and the screen timed out before I could submit the last answer. I scored a 660(Q43,V38) and bought the
ESR to analyze what went wrong. The analysis told me that I needed to work on a few key tactics to
solve the tricky set on the test. That's when I decided to go for an online prep course.
While searching for online courses, I found that most of them offered good amount of detail in
concepts. But since I was looking for a more strategy-based approach to attack the GMAT, I couldn't
convince myself to invest in such a course. This ended when I found EMPOWERgmat on one of the
GMAT forums and signed up of a trial after reading about their strategy-based course to "Assassin the
GMAT". I went through the syllabus of the course and some of its content and took their one-month
subscription. And this became the point where I got the edge I was looking for. This course not only
taught me some great tactics to deal with few typical questions on the test, but also helped me identify
the type of questions that could be triaged or skipped on the test so that I could save time for the ones
that can be solved in time. The verbal part of the course also played a huge role by helping me use some
very interesting strategies for comprehension. As a result of practising these tactics and following Rich’s
podcasts for easing the test anxiety, I was able to hit a 710(Q45, V41) on my retake.
I would recommend this course to any test taker who wants to strengthen his/her preparation by adding
some very effective strategies to it. Also, they always have these amazing offers, which make them value
for money. EMPOWERgmat rocks.

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