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EMPOWERgmat gave me good foundation and amazing encouragement


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I first started GMAT prep by myself, understanding that it is the same as other standardized test on Math and English, but oh my was I wrong on this.

My first score was 650 and had been flat at that level after 2 months of prep.

When decided to take an online class, I was looking for something more flexible, on-demand-like lesson that can give me the tactic and new way to approach GMAT. I was also looking for OG based class because I think the questions created by some Test Prep contains debatable correct choices esp. Verbal questions. I had only 2 more months to prep so I was looking for something that can boost my score fast.

EMPOWERgmat fits my needs. First it offers on-demand online class where I can work on at my pace. Second all of its classes are based on OG questions. Third it has amazing score guarantee, if my score doesn't improve, I will get one more month free access. Since I have exactly 2 months to prep, it was a good deal. Additional points for them is the price, I think they are one of the most reasonable price in the market right now. So all the kudos for them.

I particularly liked the Quant section taught by Rich. His tactic indeed works. They are straightforward yet smart. He emphasized on the thinking principle and the right mindset to have going through Quant section. I prefer this to some fancy tactic that only works on some questions and only take up space on my brain, making me nervous which tactic to use when seeing the question.

Another part I liked about EMPOWERgmat is the encouragement and support.

After 1 month into their course, I thought I was ready. I took the GMAT again and I was feeling confidence throughout the test. But I was too confident. I went through the test on auto-pilot mode, couldn't remember any questions up to this day. I ended up with 660 and extremely low moral afterwards.

I emailed Rich and EMPOWERgmat advisor team. Their response emails gave me so much motivation. They offered to look into my error log and ESR, pinpointing where I went wrong and how I can improve. One month free access was also given to me as they promised.

I followed their suggestions and sat in the test again 2 weeks later. I scored 710.

For something that I think they can improve is the Verbal section. At least for me, I think the Verbal lesson is not as systematic as the Quant's. I found myself coming back to GMATClub discussion and expert reply for more clarity on several questions. My pain point was CR and I found VeritasPrep YouTube video to be more systematic and it helped me grasping the CR logic better.

Nonetheless, Max's tactic on note taking was really good and it gave me good discipline during the test. SC 5-second scan was also what I followed religiously and scored much better on SC.

All in all, thank you to everyone at EMPOWERgmat! You guy rocks!

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