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n 2018, after two months studying the Manhattan Books I scored a 710. Convinced I could do better, I registered to retake the GMAT after a twelve month hiatus. I explored the alternative options to Manhattan and narrowed in on EMPOWERGMAT, which I liked not only because it had a nicely outlined section dedicated for "those re-taking the GMAT" (i.e., me), but it also had a clear five-stage framework that I could closely follow as I approached test-day. After two months of studying the countless videos and questions available on the EMPOWERGMAT, I felt that I had a very strong grasp of all the basic techniques and more advanced techniques (e.g., Test It). In addition, the experts at EMPOWERGMAT truly understand how the test is structured and scored and as a result, can give you strong insights you won't get elsewhere. When I received my 750, I wasn't so much surprised as I was grateful for the GMAT Assassin that EMPOWERGMAT had made me. But all the techniques and tips related to the GMAT aside, what I was most impressed by was the personal touch EMPWOERGMAT offers in its communication with you. Not only are they timely in their responses, but they take the time to write emails in which it is clear they really want you to succeed but they understand where you are in your journey.

I would just add that I never write product reviews, and the fact that I am here writing this demonstrates my strong endorsement of EMPOWERGMAT for anyone looking to re-take (or first take) the GMAT.

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